Oak Bay Extreme Possibility
Oak Bay Salsamio x Oak Bay Rhapsody In Blue

2010 Chestnut Colt


Visit Billie at his new Home
Los Arboles Miniature Horse Farm

2012 World Champion 2 year old colt


 25% Arenosa Stallion
  Salsa has created another exquisite replica of himself.  Billie is refined and elegant, with a long neck, tiny throatlatch, chiseled head and huge eye. He has a long reach and extreme movement.

This colt is destined to be a champion!


Billie's sire, Oak Bay Salsamio, is a multiple Grand and Supreme Halter Stallion on both the AMHA and AMHR show circuits.

His mother is a Buckeroo granddaughter and a half sister to the single pleasure champion stallion Pleasant Meadows Bucks Bay Blue



Oak Bay
Extreme Possibility

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Oak Bay Rhapsody In Blue

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Sheryl Peterson
Sheryl Peterson
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Canby, OR 97013

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