JC's Blaze of Glory
Z.I's Windwalker (HOF) x JC's Starlett

2002 Bay Gelding

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ASPC Foundation Certified Pony
  Our first pony! Blaze is a delightful gelding who came to us very unexpectedly. His former owner, Nicole Vaughn, moved onto a houseboat in Portland and had nowhere and no means to keep him. She boarded him with us until we fell in love with him and bought him from her.
We have been wanting a pony that Lauren and Emily and Megyn could ride, yet one we could drive and show also. Blaze is the perfect boy to fill both roles. Though his is not trained yet, he soon will be. We may even show him at a few AMHR shows this year!

Blaze's half-brother is the multi-national champion driving horse JC's Jenga. Maybe someday blaze will trot in his brothers hoofprints and be a champion himself!

We welcome Blaze to our family and look forward to many years of fun with him.



JC's Blaze of Glory

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Sheryl Peterson
7051 S. Barnards Rd
Canby, OR 97013

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