Star Valleys Daydream Believer
Philia Blazes Joe Dandy  x Captivations Silk Stockings

It took nearly all year to talk Margo Cahill into selling this amazing filly to me. She finally gave in to my constant pestering and Dream became part of Oak Bay Acres in July 2013. She won both National and World titles with Syndi Kanzler at the 2013 National and World Shows.

Rivenburghs Torcelana SE
Grosshill Dandys Special Edition x Kewpies Elana of Arenosa

Tori is one of those mares that I have longed for ever since she was born. Nancy finally agreed to sell her to me, and I can't thank her enough for trusting me with this prized mare. Tori is a multiple grand and supreme halter mare.  She is in foal to Jessie for 2016.

Sir I Told U Twice
Cross Countrys Call Me Sir x NFC Egyptian Kings Deceptively

We were so pleased with our Salsa filly out of our other Sir daughter that we bought this delightful Sir daughter from Jana Nichols. Twice is a sweet, gentle mare and is correct in every way. Her 2013 filly is stunning. Twice is bred to Salsa for 2015.

Oak Bay Jessies Macarena
McCarthys Jesse James of Rivenburgh x  Rivenburghs Supreme Bailar

Our little Macarena is all grown up now and has joined our brood mare band. This is one of the most beautiful fillies around. She is a paternal brother to Josie and she and Salsa share the same mother. Macarena moves like a graceful deer.

Oak Bay Salsas Shadow Dancer
Oak Bay Salsamio x 
Stiehls Sioux Sun Shadow

Hard to believe that Dani is of breeding age already! This Salsa daughter has extreme length of neck and a well balanced body. She  is in foal to Josie for 2015.

Buckeye WCF Paposo Golden Glitter
Kewpies Paposo of Arenosa  x  Amore Lil Dreamsicle

Glitter is our secong Paposo daughter. Thank you Getita for selling her to us! She is elegant and refined and oh so beautiful. Glitter is in foal to Salsa for 2016.

RHA Mahogany Rose
Mochas Cherokee Wardance x MCC Robin Hoods Protoge

Thanks to Jane Taylor of Winsome Etc., this elegant, refined mare has come to join our broodmare band. Amber feels this mare is a true rose grey, but her DNA says she is a chestnut. Whatever you call her color, she is one beautiful little lady. She has been shown lightly in the Northwest and has done well. Rose had a stunning silver filly by Salsa in 2011, a black pinto colt by Tucker in 2012 and a Smokey Bay colt by Salsa in 2013.  Her 2014 filly is amazing. Her 2015 colt by Salsa has convinced me not to sell this mare!

Easterbrooks Rhapsody In Red
Millennium Gold Melody Tradition x Easterbrooks Dreamy Covergirl

Miss Red is very upright and correct . She had a dynamic chestnut colt in 2012 that is now owned by Indian Peaks Miniatures.  Red had a beautiful chestnut colt in 2014 .


TLC Summer Sunshine
Page Boy x TLC Daisy Buff

Sunny is the mother of the 2009 World Champion Amateur Jr. Stallion, Oak Bay Mi Amigo. She is a great old mare with some awesome foals left in her! We will be forever grateful to Paul and Karen Sanders for this love of our life. Sunny is the mother of Oak Bay Mi Amigo, Oak Bay Salsas Momma Mia, Oak Bay Salsa Redefined and Oak Bay Salsas Habanero.  Sunny is now out in pasture to enjoy the rest of her life.

HHP The Eyes Have It
McCarthy's Jesse James of Rivenburgh x Sundance LB Easy On The Eyes Of HHP

Summer of 2008 we bought this exquisite filly by McCarthy's Jesse James of Rivenburgh. This is Jesse's first foal, and she is a show stopper. "Catty" won three Reserve Grand Championship ribbons her first show out. Catty had a stunning colt in 2012 that is now owned by Junior Bear Ranch, an amazing filly in 2013 who is now the European Supreme Champion and an elegant colt in 2014 who is now owned by Ravenwood Miniatures.  Her 2015 filly did not disappoint us and is now owned by Tina Fisseler.

Oak Bay Rhapsody In Blue
Little Kings Buck King x Wescoasts Trix N Tactics

Dynamic Blue Roan Buckeroo Granddaughter.  Blue was shown as a filly and did well in the Northwest.  She is refined and elegant.  She had a beautiful filly by Grosshill Dandys Special Edition in 2008 and a stunning black filly by Oak Bay Salsamio in 2009. Her 2010 colt by Salsa is amazing. Blue had an amazing red roan colt in 2013. She had Josie's first colt in 2014 and is bred back to him.

Oak Bay Intoxicating
Oak Bay Salsamio x Oak Bay Rhapsody In Blue

Caty is a daughter of our favorite mare, Blue. She is an exotic replica of her handsome father, Salsa. She is elegant and refined - why you can become intoxicated just looking at her! 

RIP our dear Caty! We miss you!!!



Oak Bay Elegant Edition
Grosshill Dandys Special Edition x  Oak Bay Rhapsody In Blue
March 2008 Bay Roan Pinto Filly

Our first arrival of 2008. Blue gave us an exquisite bay roan pinto filly on March 24th.  This little girl has color, conformation and action.  She is a real sweetheart.  Dainty and feminine, yet bold and powerful.                          


Oak Bay Haileys Comet
Winners Circle B's Bandito x Bel Air Sweet Vidalia

Comet moves like her dad's full brother, Winners Circle BZ Barnaby.  Her grandfather is Flabys Supreme.  She is refined and very correct.  She had a wonderful chestnut pinto colt in 2009. She had a very pretty chestnut pinto filly by Salsa in 2013. Her 2015 colt by Josie is everything we hoped for. She will be bred back to Salsa for 2016.

Rivenburghs Supreme Bailar
Flabys Supreme x Bristol Mariposa

Bailar is the mother of our stallion, Oak Bay Salsamio.  She is a big mover with refinement and a beautiful head and eye.  Bailar is 50% Arenosa.  Bailar had a dynamic black filly by  McCarthys Jesse James of Rivenburgh in 2010 and repeated that in 2011 with another exotic black filly. Bailar is in foal to Josie.

Rivenburghs Supreme Midge
Flabys Supreme x Ludongos Lil Tiffany

Midge has the action and correct conformation of her sire, Flabys Supreme.   She is 25% Arenosa. Midge had a dynamic pinto filly by Salsa in 2010 and is the mother of the 2011 colt Oak Bay Salsas Designer Genes. Her 2014 filly by Salsa is amazing. Her 2014 filly was her last foal ad she is now retired. Thank you Midge for your huge contribution to not only our breeding farm but to the miniature horse industry!

Buttonwillows Lunar Eclipse
Jess Rocky Rabbit x Buttonwillows Crystals Jewel

Everyone who comes to Oak Bay Acres loves Eclipse.  Her unique black & white markings with her half white and half black face make her stand out in the crowd.  Thanks, Mike, for allowing us to purchase her!  Eclipse is the mother of the World Grand Champions  Oak Bay Salsa Caliente, Oak Bay Salsas New Moon, Oak Bay Salsa Chipotle, Oak Bay Salsas Ring of Fire and Oak Bay Salsas Silverado. Her 2014 filly is amazing! Bred back to Salsa for 2015.

Bukeeye WCF Paposo Uno Bay
Kewpeies Paposo of Arenoso  x  Uno Taupe

We welcome this beautiful Arenosa mare to our herd! Uno had a beautiful bay pinto filly by First Knight Dare To Dream in 2013. Her 2014 colt by Salsa sustained a head injury and we sadly lost him. Her beautiful 2015 filly is sweet and amazing. She is bred back to Salsa for 2016.

Oak Bay Salsas Aurora
Oak Bay Salsamio   x   Oak Bay Haileys Comet

Aurora is a very refined, elegant daughter of Salsa. She is 65% Arenosa. She is offered for sale.

Oakcrest Princess Royale
Scott Creek Casino Royale x Oakcrest Tiffany Rose

Princess is an outstanding mare from the breeding program of the late Victoria Zander. She is correct in every way. She had a successful show career as a yearling with Portia Kalinka, and has had three beautiful foals for us,. She has proven to be a successful cross with Salsa, being the mother of Salsa Picante owned by Linda Day. 


Alamos Sirs Silver N Pearls
Cross Country Call Me Sir x Tinker Toys Mucho Carmelita

  Thank you Jennifer Rowland for allowing us to purchase this lovely Call Me Sir daughter.  Pearl had a fabulous chestnut filly by Salsa in 2010 and her 2011 Salsa colt is totally amazing. Her 2013 colt by Salsa is an exquisite example of the Call Me Sir cross with Salsa. 


Winsomes Best Alibi
Winsome Monarchs Best Foot Forward  x   Liberty Odessey Alexus

Well, that darn Jane Taylor bought the mare I wanted! So when Alexus had this filly I decided the next best thing would be her daughter! Alli is in foal to Salsa for 2016

Stetsons Heaven Knows Best
Winsome Monarch Best Foot Forward   x   Dayspring Heaven Sent

"Lucy" as Emily and Megyn call her is a very well bred, correct filly that we purchased from Iola Stetson. She is a Monarch granddaughter on the top and a FF Neighborhood Watch granddaughter on the bottom. This filly should produce well with either of our stallions. Lucy is in foal to Salsa for 2016

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7051 S. Barnards Rd
Canby, OR 97013

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