Skippy The Liberty Dog
Skippy is a Beagle mix that we adopted from the OSU Vet
School when she was one year old.  Having spent the first year of
her life in a cage, only getting out occasionally on a leash,
 Skippy was thrilled and amazed to find that she could now run
wild and free.  Her exuberance brought down the house
one late night at a Northwest Miniature Horse Club Show.  While waiting
for the results of the liberty class Skippy took the "liberty" to
create her own program.  She ran with pure abandonment around
the arena, tongue hanging out and her body long and
low to the ground.  Something about this crazy little dog running
like the wind stole the hearts of all present.  Mark picked out some
special music for her and now Skippy performs at most Northwest
Miniature Horse Club Shows to her own music while we await the
results of the Liberty Class.

Over the years Skippy has invited fellow horse show dogs to join
her in her joyous run.  Kids and adults alike come out to
run and play with Skippy and her companions and each
performance takes on its own "flavor".  No show is complete until
Skippy has performed.

Skippy gave us quite a scare on February 6, 2007.  She experienced six
hours of non-stop cluster seizures and spent three days in the
intensive care unit of the emergency vet hospital.  It was touch and
go whether Skippy would pull through this or not.  With the prayers
and support of her family and her friends from the Northwest
Miniature Horse Club, Skippy has recovered from this very scary
experience and is now back home.

June 15, 2007

It is time for an update on Skippy's health condition.  Following the onset
of her seizures, it was discovered that she has a cancerous brain tumor.
Skippy has been receiving chemotherapy once a month for the past
4 months.  She has lost the vision in her left eye and continues to
have a seizure a couple times a month.  The seizures frighten her  and
it takes a few days for her to gain her self confidence back after having
one.  But nothing can daunt the spirit of this little dog.  She still prances
and dances and helps feed the horses every day.  She continues to
perform her liberty act at the NWMHC horse shows each month.

January 6, 2009

Skippy left this earth today and is now happily running in the huge arena of heaven.
She will be missed by all who have known her. Skippy had a way of bringing
joy to a person by just being her own, cheerful self. There will never be another.

Skippy, we love you and we miss you!


Sheryl Peterson
7051 S. Barnards Rd
Canby, OR 97013

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