Oak Bay Mr. Oktoberfest
Winners Circle Bs Bandito x  Mini V Hals Pekaboo Streak


Toby was born on a cold, rainy night in October of 2002.  His mom was outside that night
because her stall was being used as an emergency setting for a sick horse. 
 Toby wasn't due for three weeks yet, so everyone thought this would be safe. 
We found him in the morning - cold, wet and shivering.  We rushed him into the barn,
dried him off and got him warmed up.


 Toby was already a very special horse,
even before he was born.  His mom,
Peekaboo, belonged to our friend,
Marti Martinson.  Robyn worked for
 Marti that summer in 2002, and her
 reward for that work done was the
 foal that Peekaboo was carrying.



Ready to Start On Day One

Mindy, the great Navigator!


The Water Hazard at Inavale

Mindy watching the activity around her



Day Three Cones Course

Camping at the CDE at Inavale



Tons of care and love from Robyn and
her friends helped Toby to grow and
 flourish.  When he was two he went to
Portia's to live.

Robyn traded working for Portia for help
 teaching him to drive. Toby learned quickly
and is now a safe, talented driving gelding. 


Robyn and Toby began training
for competition in the Combined
driving competition in 2007.
Toby proved to be an excellent
student, and took to this new
adventure with zest. After several
years of training and practicing
at Arena Driving Trials they were
 ready to begin their first year
 of competition.

In 2011 and early 2012 Robyn
trained with Dorothy Whiteman,
working with her to advance
 her and Toby's skills. Under
Dorothy's talented tutorship,
they have become a successful
and competitive CDE team.

Of course, an important member
 of this team is Robyn's assistance
 dog, Mindy! She goes everywhere
 with them and alerts Robyn to
anything coming into their space
that Robyn cannot hear.




Toby,Robyn and Mindy competing at the 2012 Combined Driving Event at Inavale.

They placed 6th in this first time event!

Below are some more pictures from this event.





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